Conveyor Protection

Explosion Proof Belt Tear Detector

Intelligent electronic explosion proof belt tear detector could avoid tearing belt in maximum when the belt is being tearing, rupturing or pushed out by sharp objects in explosion environment.The Belt Tear Detector acts on the damaged site directly and can react the foregin matter upon or before the belt.It’s the best effective Belt Tear Detector now.

  • When foreign matter touch the belt tear detector, the transmitter will send out signal of relay.
  • Stable and reliable, it could adjust reaction time based on requirement.
  • After the activation, the transmitter will maintain output until clear fault to restart power supply, or cause big damage of the belt tear detector.
  • After clearing of fault, it needs operator manual reset to work, protect the maintenance man’s safety.
  • The function of breakage and alarm that protect the belt tear detector in 24-hour service.When the sensor damaded or wiring troubles, the disconnection indicator will turn on and send out buzzer warning.
  • Multichannel signal converter match four sensors in maximum, every sensor is single that can find the trouble site quickly and reduce time of checking when stopped.
  • Signal converter could install in control room or control cabinet, the long distance is one kilometers from sensor. It aslo could fix with bolt or track.

Explosion proof mark : EX tD ibD A21 IP6X T80℃
Standard of product : Q/FS 01-2017