Conveyor Protection

Explosion Proof Speed Switch BK2100AE

The explosion proof speed switch is used for belt conveyor in heavy dust and explosion environment.It’s fixed in driven gear and record the speed of driven gear.Comparing the preset number with count value to judge the state of belt conveyor and protect belt conveyor.It could provide measurement of parameter and trouble forecast in early for belt conveyor in heavy dusty environment.

  • Explosion-proof design
  • Protection Grade is IP67.
  • Non-contact monitoring, to avoid the phenomenon of mechanical wear, the products tolerance, resistance to noise interference.
  • Provide digital and analog output used for interlock control.
  • Substantial enclosure is easy to be installation.
  • Parameter set-up direct vision.
  • Examine sliping and overspeed at the same time.
Type BK2100AE
Ex-mark Ex td mD A21 IP67 T80℃
Certification CNEx 18.0258X
Monitoring range 2~1000P/min
Accuracy ±0.1%
Sensing distance ≤20mm
Output contact 1NO+1NC
analog output 4~20mA
Contact rating 250VAC-10A,30VDC-10A
Environment temperature -25~+60℃
Voltage 150~230VAC
Function display LCD show,7/14 segmented
Detection body 40×40mm