Pull Cord Switch BX5900

The Pull Cord Switch is an emergency switch used to stop the belt conveyor instantly when an accident occurs.When an accident occurs or for the normal corrective maintenance, workers can pull cord at any position along with the belt to stop the belt conveyor. It is widely used in various belt conveyor equipments for coal, cement and building materials, mining, electricity, port, metallurgy and chemical industries.

– Protection Grade is IP67, suitable for in most harsh environments.
– Leading technology of dual bearing structure, ensure the transmission shaft move smoothly, stably.
– Built-in two sets of micro-switches. Output Alarm and Fault signals respectively.
– Using high-strength of 12.9 grade and SUS304 fitting.
– Transmission shaft is made from SUS304 stainless-steel and precisely machined by lathe, grinders. Chemical alkaline or acid corrosion-resistance, moisture-free with perfect sealing.
– Separate cam part, position of Alarm and Fault is adjustable according actual conditions.
– 5 slots of spring fixing, spring tension adjustable. Satisfy fine-tune the operating torque.
– Special anti-corrosion requirements can be customized.
IP Code : IP67
Operating Torque : 49±10N (5±1kgf)
Number of Contacts : 1NO+1NC
Capacity of Contacts : AC 120V/230V/480V 10A; DC 30V 5A; DC 125V 0.5A; DC 250V 0.25A
Operating Angle : 20°
Cable Size : Ø6~12mm
Mechanical Life :>100,000 times
Electrical Life :>500,000 times
Working Temp. : -20~60°C
Working Humidity : ≤80%
Material : SUS304 stainless-steel
N.W. : 1.82kgs
1. Fix the PULL CORD SWITCH in mounting bracket.
2. The distance between two switch is 30m and combined with Ø3mm plastic coated wire ropes, with moderate tightness.
3. Install supporting rings in every other 2.5m to hold up wire rope, which reduces the gravity to effect the automatic reset.
4. Tie the wire rope end in a tension spring (fixed in a cord clamp) and evenly strain the rope with a tightener on both sides.