Speed Monitor BK2100A

Including the application scope of the conveyor belts speed detector locked-rotor monitoring, motor running state monitoring, wind power generation device blade biggest revolutions surveillance and monitoring of motor, widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, electric power, mine, cement, building materials, bulk materials handling, water conservancy, chemical industry, packaging, food, food, textile, paper pulp and paper industry.

– Non-contact monitoring, to avoid the phenomenon of mechanical wear, the products tolerance, resistance to noise interference.
– Have speed and low speed protection function, can provide digital and analog output used for interlock control .
– Substantial enclosure is easy to be installation, and users need not the others hardware
– Speed monitor is the use of sensors of speed signal acquisition, signal out, complete function testing records and reached the surveillance and control of the speeds. The physicals unit of the detections of rotational motion, linear motion, and all of the converted into pulse groups can be used to block the motor, speed, and monitor.
– Skid main protected objects include: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, vibrating conveyor, pump, crusher, hammer mill, steam turbine/turbine, rotary airlock, drying machine, fans/blowers, sliding door/valve, etc.
– This device is composed of sensors and switches, adopting micro single chip computer technology, has the very good stabilities and anti-interference, is the ideals speed control testing equipment.
Application Range : Frequency, speed, pulse counting
Adjusting Range (Speed/Frequency) : 1~60000RPM/0.1~1000Hz
Voltage Tolerance : 10 %
Output : PNP、NPN、Relay、0/4~20mA、0~10V
Display : LCD
Power Protection : Short circuit overload reverse polarity
IP Grade : IP67
Consumption Power : 5/3 W
Voltage Rating : 230AC(50~60Hz) / 24DC